Massive Lei Shen Lag Spike

Bug Report
Just like on Ji Kun, Lei Shen has a massive issue where if a Hunter uses Stampede, it causes an absolutely massive lag spike to all who are in the raid.

It caused a multitude of trouble for us in the raid, causing several people to seize up entirely for thirty seconds each time it was used during the Lei Shen encounter. Might want to try to rectify this!
I just did the Lei Shen fight this afternoon and even with all my graphics set as low as they would go and I was getting the same HUGE lag spikes to the point of frezzing my game for 20-30 seconds each time and it just wound up as a wipefest because of so many folks having lag spikes.

I don't have lag issues with the computer I have and the last time this type of huge lag spike happened was when I was on my horde fighting the Sha world boss and it was a combination pve and pvp fight and even in AV with everyone from both teams in one small area I don't have that kind of lag issues so something needs to be done.
Is this still just strictly a "stampede" issue? Just wondering, because naturally I let the horses run right out of the gate, but I'd also like to actually get past the first 30 seconds...
I had the same thing and it was frozen for so long the server kicked me twice. Causing me to be taken out of the raid after being on the boss for 10 wipes.

Can they fix this? I'm not sure its always with stampede either.
Try disabling all of your addons, previously this was found to be connected to addons such as skada/recount and similar combat-log analyzing addons.
Is this still just strictly a "stampede" issue? Just wondering, because naturally I let the horses run right out of the gate, but I'd also like to actually get past the first 30 seconds...

I've only seen it occur when a hunter uses Stampede. It might not solely be Stampede but those are my experiences.
Yeah in lfr we had the same problem, everyone was having huge lag spikes. Im not sure how long everyones were going for but mine was for about 30-40 seconds before i finally unfroze. We eventually downed him but the lag made it a huge pain and many wipes.
Only seen it happen with stampede or army of the dead.
not sure if its related to stampede at all but yeah... last night every time on pulling Lei Shen my FPS would drop from 140fps to like 0 for about 30 secs after the initial pull after that it would be fine again. was happening without fail every pull. super video lag.
Same issue here it was only happening whenever stampede was up, however it wasn't happening every pull. Please fix this don't want anymore wasted raid nights because of a bug
After turning down my graphics, it has done nothing. Switched from Windowed mode and full screen with no result. I'm testing now to see if turning off all my add ons will do anything.
Same, running top of the line alien ware, with the fastest Verizon has to offer. Graphics turned to absolute minimum and still 20-45 sec on frozen screen. I vote for every week this is ignore we get free bonus valors!!
I was doing Lei Shen in LFR today and we got this absurd lag spike at the beginning of the fight.

There were 6 hunters in the raid, including me, and I got the lag at the beginning only.

This happens nowhere else, it's not my graphic card, I'm sure of it.

Fix this crap, please.
I was actually in the same LFR as Ametrallador, and it only happened in Lei Shen, except for me it also happened later on the same fight just around when the cool down for stampede was up.

It didn't happen on any other fight but we were "only" 4 hunters before then.
This happens to me every time I do this boss, but it only does it for the first several seconds of the fight. Right on the pull there's a huge lag spike. It goes away after a little while, but it's unplayable during those several seconds.
Same issue here - currently have 7 hunters in raid but getting a massive lag spike every time on pull.
I'm getting this issue, too. I'm a Mac player and I thought it was the typical lag I get from the horrible gaming support Macs provide. When I'm completely disabled for 30 seconds it's just stupid.

Based on some of the responses above though this seems to happen on both Windows and Mac platforms. It feels like an I/O conflict on the hard drive. Is Blizzard forcing us to buy SSD's now?

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