Massive Lei Shen Lag Spike

Bug Report
We had the same issue yesterday evening during a guild LFR run. The first 20-30 seconds of each pull was like watching a stop motion film. Our FPS dropped to ~5 and the video just choked right up.

This was experienced by everyone in the guild run simultaneously (we were in vent and were talking about how we couldn't do a thing).

I've never experienced this before yesterday. Something to do with the Lei Shen nerf perhaps?
I experienced this the first week of LFR too so I doubt it's nerf related.
Figured i'd toss in my story as well.

We had 2 attempts at Lei Shen last night where everyone came to a total freeze lag spike. The first go was on the pull, and the second attempt was on the pull and at execute. Another DK whispered me and asked when i was popping Army of the Dead and we realized the lag spikes were happening when either of us used army.

Next attempt no stampede was used, no AotD was used and we had zero lag issues.
Same here. I really think they should at least address this with a blue post affirming that they are acknowledging the fact it is affecting many players. It might not be a stampede or recount issue because sometimes it happens sometimes not even when the other 2 conditions I mentioned are met. This could be a graphics card problem and potentially something that can be corrected.
Same issue. I noticed it happened every time I heard a horn and couple of times when I didn't. I use recount as well.
It's VIDEO lag by the way, let's be clear.

Yup, zoned into a 10 man normal at the trash right before the teleporter pad. Soon as we started on that trash at the top of the stairs, I went form 120fps to 0 and had to force quit out of WoW/re log.

Turning off all addons at lei shen and turning my graphics down to super low helped a tiny but , but I was still experiencing unsually low fps from my normal.

A fix for this issue has been generated and will be applied in an upcoming patch. Thanks for all your reports.

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