Smoke Bomb Nerf

When did it happen, does anyone know? I don't remember reading any notes on it.

Edit: Oh, it was pushed from 2 to 3 minutes.
When was it ever 2 minutes?
I could be totally insane but I thought it was two minutes.

I remember having Cloak for every Rampage on Magera. We had two rogues and could smoke bomb every Rampage as well. So that should of been that Smoke Bomb was two minutes.

But I could be totally insane.
When was it ever 2 minutes?

In his mind evidently

You sure you're not just killing the heads quicker now that you're all better geared?
We're on heroic now.

Chances are we were killing the heads 1.5-2 minutes on normal way back when.

Oh well, guess I'm just crazy.
It used to have a longer duration(10 seconds?), but blizz dropped it to 5 seconds.
Oh well, guess I'm just crazy.

One of of of us

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