<War Party> 5/13HM LF Hunter and Tank!

<War Party> on Korgath is an adult oriented 10m 5/13H ToT progression guild looking for a skilled Hunter and a Tank.


Our atmosphere is fun with minimal stress and drama, yet we get things done and strive to experience everything the game has to offer. We ask our raiders to maintain a high raid attendance percentage and keep up to date on encounter and class knowledge in order to make sure we have a fully prepared roster each night. At the same time we do realize that WoW does not need to be a second job. Progression can happen without being elitists. We strive to maintain a roster of approximately 12 people to ensure a 100% guild only roster and class diversity as needed - no one is considered a "bench" player. Our officers are experienced raiders with many previous heroic modes under our belts, and various leadership experience from other guilds/expansions.


Sun: 9pm-12am CST (7pm-10pm PST, 10pm-1am EST)
Mon: 9pm-12am CST (Usually have this day off when things are on farm)
Tue: 9pm-12am CST
Wed: 9pm-12am CST
(We sometimes add extra days if the guild wants to work more on a particular encounter, these extra days are not mandatory)


Hunter - High
Tank - High

Other experienced and skilled players of any class/spec are always encouraged to apply.

Must have Heroic experience, and a MINIMUM iLVL of 510 is required. Or logs with top 200 rankings.

If you are interested in applying, please visit: worldofwarparty.com

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us in game before applying, please feel free to contact Jamz in game via tell or mail.

Battletag: Jamz#1179
We have a bald female troll, and that should be enough encouragment for you to apply!
Bald female trolls are sexy.
Looking for a perfect fit.
Particle would like a shadow priest to apply please..... Thanks :D
LFM <War Party> to battle for glorious prestiege in the Jade Halls.
LF moar war party guildies to use my Gin-ji Knife Set on! CHOP CHOP CHOP
Mad bads^
Herro is bad...
Dont make me downvote you jamz
Where those tanks at :D
Hello! Are you still looking for a tank?

Particle I really like your mog btw!

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