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There was this one time in Firelands. That spot between the giant rock boss and the phoenix. Where you'd usually stop so you could prepare for the phoenix trash. I took a extra step and fell down the ravine. But I didn't die because I landed on a rock in the lava. So my guildies just started laughing.
When I got retaliation on my friend for driving me out of Dalaran on his mechanohog. He being on his priest levitating away.

So when Chrithto was new and he didn't know about him I made a group with his toon so he could come to me and see the elite boss pug. As soon as he landed I clicked my Tricks of the Trade and ran by the cute little doggie while spamming Fan of Knives.

One shot death and a lot of confusion. Although I was laughing so hard I forgot to vanish.
I can't tell you how many times I hit the wrong keybind and killed myself on my pally back when we had divine intervention.

Or when we were working on heroic rag I wanted to mess with my raid so I mass resed our team into the lava by heroic rag knowing that we had a few paladins spec'd into eye for an eye. When the paladin took damage it rebounded it back to rag wiping the raid less then 10 seconds after I had ressed them ^^
Playing my monk and rolling/FSK off cliffs and stuff to my doom.
Was in BWD, the elevator had gone down so I thought "I'm a mage, I have slow fall" i cast it and stepped off the ledge..floated that's the area above the boss only it's below me time to fall..and fall of my guildies is yelling STOP...STOP..I yell "I can't"...and float down, past the rest of the raid who are standing there speechless..and I finally touch down safely.

...and turn around to look..right into the boss's eyes.

"Oh SH......"

For reasons unknown it didnt aggro....I saw had to swim back then realised...wait this is whilst my guild is having hysterics in vent, I deliberately die, and THEN am told I am too far away for a res...and I have to run back.

Meanwhile, all can hear is choked sobs from the raid leader and a chorus of "oh my god..." from the rest of them, who are literally falling off their chairs.

We didnt start for ten minutes because after that, everyone wanted a break.
Two spring to mind..

During Wrath, can't remember which holiday but Alliance had quests for it in Southshore. Anyway me & a friend rolled in there on our DK's and took over the place. Took a group of about 10 ally more than an hour & a half to get us out. Which led to an epic war in Tarren Mill as they tried to exact revenge. Was hilairious for us, prolly not so much for them.

First time I did Magmaw on my rogue I hit killing spree and burned to death in the lava behind him. It was a pug but the rest of the guys in vent were in hysterics. Thankfully Blizz fixed that and ya cant die doin it now.

Ooo and another one i just remembered, Sittin outside Naxx on our mounts and a bunch of ally showed up, I death gripped one off his mount and my friend (mage) cast slowfall on me.. We're all in vent crackin up that this ally was goin to fall to his death when he got slowfall cast on him. We shutup real quick, until our shammy purged the ally's slowfall and he died anyway.. It was leet haha
the level 1 naked gnome raid on stormwind...good times
Blinked out of the bad in warmaster blackthorn, right off the edge of the boat.... die! Very beautiful view of the gunship flying amidst the clouds though.
The first In-Game terrorist Mob I saw.
My jaw fell wide open.
I can't however, remember which mob it was...But the little things were litterally running to a wall of the ally campement, and just blew themselves up...I thought:


Frogger every single time. :3
Gonna date myself a bit..

Not like anyone else would.
I didn't see it happen, but was there for the ending.

I was watching a movie one day and a friend rings me up and asks me if I can log on and fly her out somewhere. Since I was at my computer I agree'd and asked her what was going on.

She replied with 'I auto-ran off a cliff and into the water and there's nowhere for me to get out'.

I swear I was laughing at her for a good couple of days.
MV first boss + Puntable Marmot.

It was one of our first ventures in the raid and the puntable marmot could be kicked multiple times, but once someone placed the guy and kicked it right before our warlock had clicked it. The marmot went flying across the room and his character sprinted to where it was to kick again (being forced by the kick he initiated). Needless to say this was right next to the boss and it ended with a dead warlock.
Not the funniest moment, but I had a good laugh.

I was playing my Death Knight in AB, defending LM. I was thinking of going to Mines because it was getting hit pretty hard and looked like it needed me (someone else was with me at LM, so it wouldn't have been undefended).

Suddenly, an enemy druid pops out of prowl and typhoons me off the cliff. In a moment of inspiration, I quickly twirl around and deathgrip him off the cliff alongside me, then pop my Goblin Glider (yay engineering!).

The druid fell to his death and I got a quick ride to mines - which was about to be capped by the enemy but was saved by my arrival. This act also ended up winning the game, which was neck and neck at the end (we won by under 100 points).
1. before demonic gateway was 'fixed' it use to just port anyone walking near it. it's funny as hell watching these 'troll portals' pop up during hof lfr trash and see people unknowingly fly right into a whole pack.

2. priest lifegripped someone to the snail trash before jikun
I used the engineering portal to Toshley's and got the buff that makes you smaller. Then I ported to Gadget and picked up some Noggenfogger before heading to ToT on reset day.

While I was idling there on my toy motorbike, a buddy of mine took a firewater and popped his Mr. Smite. It was quite comical zipping around as this tiny Worgen on a mini bike with a 15 foot tall Tauren in my sidecar.
When the priest life gripped me as the death knight death gripped me in a battle ground. For a moment it looked like they were playing a game of tug of war with a mage; the priest won luckily for me.
The Barrens chat back in the old days lol...good times!

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