[H] WUMN - Blackrock W/Th 5:30-8:30 server

Words Under My Name is looking to recruit solid heals and dps to get our ToT progression back ontrack. WUMN is an old guild founded in early BC (originally on Moonrunner) and over time we've lost a chunk of our core raiders to WoW burn out. This has forced us to pug the open spots in our raid and that has both cut into the time we can spend in ToT and the quality of player that we're bringing to raid. We're still looking for a guild Horridon kill (some have pug kills) and a big part of that is we can't seem to find healers that can keep up with the damage--not to mention the raid comp changing on a weekly basis. But, because we are not that advanced its been really hard to recruit and retain people. (vicious cycle, i know)

We are a casual guild, but serious raiders (even though vent can get silly at times). Loot is always a secondary goal to progression. We expect everyone to know their class, research fights, have raid awareness, and etc. etc. Many of us are old-hands at wow raiding ... our GM can regale you with tales of the original Naxx 60. Or pounding away at pre-nerf Kael-thas to get our Hand of A'dal titles. On our original server we successfully ran two 25 mans, clearing the new Naxx with both groups in the same lockout. We were horde-first Sarth 3D. Heroic firelands clear (except Rag), and heoric DS clears.

Really, we're just looking to put our game time into raiding and not farting around in the Shrine looking for warm bodies.

Raids are Weds/Thurs 5:30-8:30 server. East Coast friendly :D

We're full up on Shaman, Warriors, and Warlocks. Ideal we need 2 heals that know wtf they are doing (priest, pally, monk), and some ranged DPS (hunter, mage). But we're happy to talk to anyone that might be interested.

Add my battletage BEED76#1969, or PST me or send in-game mail. You can also contact Emiron in-game if I'm not around.

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