Need help on reforge and gemming

I went to the tanking forms, and all Im getting is person after person telling me im doing this wrong, and saying little to correct the issues at hand
I would like a long term standard as to what and how I need to gem and least till some patch ruins the whole process

IT's only an opinion.... i am sure i will get jumped in a dark alley for giving this to you as many do not like it.
Depends on your playstyle/strategy. If you can execute a rotation effectively - and be honest about your ability to do so - then you'll be advised to gear for a Haste build: hardcap expertise at 15% and then aggressively forge and gem into Haste. It's what most top tanks are doing right now for the most part. Supposing you're good at timing your abilities but not so great at spamming buttons, then you'd go for a Mastery build, because when you do mitigate damage it's by a greater amount. Maybe you'll do what I'm experimenting with, which is a blend (with a bias toward Haste). But if you're not great at your rotation, and you're best served as a meatshield, then you'll go for Avoidance.

The prevailing wisdom, here and elsewhere, is to ignore stamina. However work by Theck and others show that it's a fine stat to have, especially in trinket slots.

Ultimately what I've learned this expansion is that there are many acceptable and effective gearing strategies: you just need to find one that's best for your skill level.
I don't see any problems with your reforging. You're reforging away from avoidance and going for the hit and expertise caps. The only potential issue could be that you're going for a mastery build, which is fine even if it's not the preferred build.

Gemming, on the other hand... Unless you absolutely need the extra health to survive whatever you're tanking, pure stamina gems are a big no-no. Blue sockets can be a stamina hybrid, but you should at least use expertise/stamina gems in them until 15% expertise, then mastery/stamina (for a mastery build). You should put pure expertise gems or expertise/mastery gems in red sockets. Yellow sockets should be expertise/mastery or pure mastery. Prismatic sockets can be any combination of expertise and mastery depending on your expertise needs. (Side note: Replace "mastery" with "haste" in all of the above for a haste build.)

Similarly, you shouldn't be enchanting stamina if you have a better option--for example, your gloves should be enchanted with expertise, not stamina. Obviously you'd want the stamina enchants for legs, chest, and cloak (if already hit capped), though. (You do need to work on enchanting your gear, by the way.)
Well, first of all you ideally want your hit to be exactly 7.5% and your expertise to be exactly 15%. Whether it's better to be slightly above vs. slightly below is subject to some debate, but being slightly above is certainly the "safer" option. Depending on your gear, you can achieve these numbers using some combination of gems, reforges, and even enchantments.

Once hit and expertise are taken care of, you'll want to reforge from the less useful stats like dodge and parry into the more useful stats like mastery and haste.

If you have any gem sockets (or partial gem sockets) that were not already filled in the hit/expertise capping process, there is now a question as to whether they should be filled with stamina-focused gems or haste/mastery-focused gems. Debate about this question rages quite loudly on the forums. It all boils down to whether you want to survive because you have a lot of health, or survive because you take less damage/smoother damage/more predictable damage.
This may help a bit:

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