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If Org becomes peaceful and Garrosh free after this expansion, what will happen to the SoO raid? All raid instances have an entrance and they are all still accessible in the next expansion. If Org is no longer a battlefield how will blizzard work this? My best guess is that the raid entrance will be in the instanced arena where the Pandaren go to prove themselves to Garrosh upon first joining the Horde. Which will mean that the Alliance will have to go through Org to get to it, like the Horde used to have to do to get to the Stockades before group finder.
Not sure they would go that far, it would expremly painful for raids to set up.

Granted flying mounts and summon portals this is less an issue. But it could still possibly be one if an Alliance raid group is wade though Orgimer guards just to get to the instance portal.

My bet is that instance portal will within Duroter, whether by one of the gates are though a back cave. The rebellion is already been set up their anyway.
Just as long as they dont CoT it

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