<A><Kaizen> 1/13H ToT recruiting for progress

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, with a casual mentality at the heart of it. That in itself can challenging, because the idea is to have fun and not stress while still progressing - so positive attitude, ability to receive criticism, and willingness to improve is a must! I am a firm believer in work input = improvement, thus I'm looking for players that can embrace the very concept of Kaizen - the continuous improvement of processes.

Raid times are: 8PM - 12AM Server time, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, invites will go out 15 minutes earlier.

We typically run with 13 members in the raid - allowing for players to miss raid if RL come up, and it will, many of us cannot commit to a 90%+ attendance rate, so the idea is if one, two, or even three people go missing, we can still raid, and if everybody shows up, there is more options in what makes the best group composition for the progression fight. Currently we run with 11 members, leaving 2 potentially open spots.

Gear and experience in the current content is definitely a plus, but not required. Many of our core players had joined us with absolutely no raiding gear at all, but the correct mentality and willingness to improve is most important. I believe that as long as you put in the work, the level of performance that we pace at is obtainable by anybody.

If this interests you, toss me a tell or email in game, you can also reach me at Bnet - NymStark#1874. I look forward to hearing from you guys!
I would be interested to tank. Too bad I'm not on Dalaran. ;( Really like what you guys stand for.

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