508 enhance shaman 1/13 H exp, LF raid SG/MY

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Hi all, I am an ilvl 508 enhance shaman that has been playing since vanilla. At the moment, I am raiding on my main holy pally Fabulousman@nagrand. However, lately I have been feeling that i want to raid seriously on a second char, and picked up my enhancement shaman. I do not necessarily need to join a guild run, but am seeking a raid group to clear ToT weekly.

I am 1/13 H and 12/12 N on my main, and although I do not need to be as progressed on this char, I would like to join a raid group with a fair amount of progress (+-9/12?) . As my current realm is pretty dead, I am willing to xfer over.

Timing wise, I would like a late night raiding guild, or a SG/MY guild. I have been raiding for a pretty long time, am fairly experienced, and am driven to research and refine my class to be the best I can be.

P.S. Also, I have a mage friend who may come with me if there is space. She is well geared (515 ilvl) and raids alongside me on my main. Thank you all for your time.
Carpe Diem Nagrand (www.carpe-diem.cc)

Our Core 25m is 1/13H and would consider a quality Enhance Shaman and we are looking for another quality Mage.

Raiding Wednesday, Sunday, Monday from 8:00 - 11:30pm

Contact Shaqsback, Latok, Issachaar in game for more information.

We do have a more casual 10m running at the same times as our 25m team as well.
Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I raid with graveyard shift, and we have the exact same raid times. Thanks alot though.
Hi, I am from Sanctum in Dreadmaul. This guild has been around since BC. I am keen on your Shaman toon and on your mage friend. We raid Wed, Thu and Mon from 9pm to 12.30am SG time. Currently we are at 9/12 and should progress further this week. Please contact me at Pax#1915 to discuss further. Our website is sanctum.wowstead.com
2/13HM 10 man looking for 1 Dps for our core team.

raid times:
Wednesday: 8pm-11pm ST(GMT+10)
Saturday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)
Sunday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)

For more info add: Rachel#1517

www.wipesforsale.com for applications.

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