Dial M for Murloc recruiting for raiding! =)

Earthen Ring
Hello friends. I am here today in search of some good people that would like to partake in a growing group of friends known as Dial M for Murloc. We've been together for some time and have raided some normal MSV (not much) but would really like to get a core group together and start progressing through content (MSV and onward).

While we don't have the high progression rankings and highest ilvl players to offer people, what we do have is a down to earth, laid back, mature (when we have to be, lol) group of friends who would love to start getting back into more competitive sides of WoW.

Dial M is ran by a husband and wife...as such it requires teamwork and we feel it really brings people together and gives a sense of family (plus who doesn't like playing with some ladies, am I right? ^^)...it's not a sole dictatorship and we have an open door and no drama policy! We have a lot of like minded couples in the guild and several married couples! We're honestly like one big happy family.

So with all that said, we need EVERYTHING. . . tanks/heals/dps. The only thing we ask you bring is a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and the desire to learn and conquer endgame content with the murlocs of earthen ring. So pull out that fishing pole....and let's kill some bosses!

Please pm me in game on Meatbull (or inbox me) if you would like to know more about us or have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and having you join our family.

Thanks and happy hunting to you all!

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