<Rhetoric> needs 2 DPS for Late Night 10M.

Area 52
Key words being LATE NIGHT; we start invites at 12:00 AM (Midnight) and get going by 12:30 AM.

Our scheduled raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday, I am more than willing to add on another day if we can find one that caters to the needs of the group.

A little background about our current members and myself, I previously led a guild on a small population server back in Wrath and we raided the hell out of ICC. It was nearly impossible to recruit so there was not much to say for progress (for anyone on the server). I'm hoping that with such a high population it will be easier to fill the roles needed with intelligent players with a desire to progress through Mists of Pandaria content. We are newly formed, and also new to raiding the MoP content. We have some experienced members and some new members that are learning (not stupid).

We are currently 9/16 Tier 14. We are trying to make the transition to ToT as soon as we possibly can.

Our current classes are as follows:
Protection Paladin
Restoration Shaman
Shadow/Holy Priest
Ele Shaman
BM Hunter
Resto Druid
Guardian Druid

1 Melee DPS
1 Ranged DPS (Caster)

Please whisper Elyndil in-game to speak further, or drop a post below.

BT: HaVoK#1283
Hello there! Are you interested in any mages for your RDPS?

I'm currently part of a guild on the server Arthas, but need to leave due to schedule conflicts. Now, I'm looking for a late night guild, and your times would be perfect for me. I'm willing to server transfer.

Feel free to reply here, or by battle tag: teeoo#1282
Hello! We could definitely use a mage, we would love to have you. I added you on battle.net so we can talk more. I'll be home close to the raid time tonight, if you have any questions let me know. I'll be on later tonight!
Surely there are more people out there.. :x
There are indeed. I have a have a main tank spec and dps offspec. I raided a lot in LK but fell off in Cataclysm due to RL. I am eager to get back into raiding. Please let me know if your interested. My tag is SlyPanda#1372. Plz add me ingame if u are interested and to discuss further. I have done looking for raid all the way up to Dark Animus and I am currently researching the normal mode fights for all raids.

I am willing to transfer to server if you are interested.
Well this toon is 497 ilvl dps. I technically have a resto off spec, but all my gear is forged for dps. Experience wise i have cleared all of tier 14 but am only 1/12 in ToT.
Bump, Sameer I'll speak with you in-game. Added you.
I was hoping you might be in te market to find a resto druid? I'm currently ilvl 493.
Add me in-game Raisler. Info in the first post.
Bump, only 1!!!!!!!
So close..
2 Melee, I know you're out there.
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Apparently melee don't exist on Area 52 :[

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