R.I.P. Roger Ebert

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My favorite movie critic, and maybe the best one in his job.
I didn't believe this post at first. After a trip to Wikipedia, I sadly saw it is true.

This really sucks. He was basically my idol, and I had hoped to have a chance to meet him some day.

Rest well, Mr. Ebert. You will be missed.
Aww....I had no idea. Now I'm bummed. I remember passing him by on the streets of Chicago one Christmas about 20 years back. I was hobbling along with my mom since I'd sprained my foot the day before, and he walked by. My mom said "Hi, how are you doing?" and he was friendly and said Merry Christmas back. It was so casual and nice, I thought my mom actually knew him. T'is a sad day.
A true legend. I've been following Ebert since I've been into film, and I've always trusted his criticism over any others. The world is just a little bit smaller and darker today.

RIP Roger. You'll be missed.
RIP :(
This really sucks, especially considering he never posted his review of The Hobbit, and I really really really wanted my dislike of it to be justified by him.
Cancer sucks. :(

Sad as it is he's gone and how it happened, he did rip on a few flicks I actually liked. Though a lot of his scores did feel true with how I felt after seeing some flicks.


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