Death and Taxes: Recruiting for Heroic ToT!

Death and Taxes is a guild filled with rich history. Although recent history suggests that much of the flair of DnT is gone, however, that flair still exists in the character of our raiders. Our raid atmosphere is very chill and a lot of comedic moments occur, but at the same time, we get bosses down when we focus on progression. Our loot system is Loot Council because we believe that system is the only one that truly works for optimal min/maxing and progression, especially for ten man groups.

A lot of people, particularly from Korgath, thought Death and Taxes died long ago. This couldn't be further from the truth. We've learned over the years that Death and Taxes isn't just a World of Warcraft guild. We're a bunch of gamers who just happened to be brought together intitially through WoW. A group of gamers who've had clans/guilds/team/etc in games like Starcraft, Dota, Battlefield, SWTOR, Warhammer, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and many more. Our motto transformed into "Death and Taxes: We play games."

Mon-Thurs during progression 8 Server to 11:30 Server

1 Solid Nonpriest Healer (open to many classes including paladins, monks, shamans, druids)

WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING SKILLED PLAYERS THAT CAN FILL ANY ROLE....if you're good, you have a spot. Join an active community that spreads to other mmo's and genres today!

For more information, contact Austerity#1346 in game or post an app under the WoW section of our website,

Still need a healer for immediate core raiding spot!
I'd totally be interested in this if I had any PvE gear to my name.

What happened to Vestige?
vestige went on to be a pro in checkers
he is still an active member, but his character's name is redfury

Back to Heroic Progression as of Late April and Our Current Recruitment needs are changed!
Any Experienced Healers
WW Monk
Enh Shaman
Frost DK

talk to me in game via Austerity#1346 or drop an app to
Stop raiding wednesdays!
hey very interested I would love to be apart of Death and Taxes been playing since vanilla very familiar with your guild.. 499 ilvl right now message me in game if interested very reliable
don't raid with austerity, she's bad
lf tank healz and dipis
Hello, are you still looking for a tank?

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