Stagger meter: The Houdini act of WoW

Simply put.. Why is it there sometimes and others it's not? Wtf?

Should i just snag an add-on if i wanna keep an eye on my stagger?
Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Hell yes.
Ok... more info.

My advice is get Weakauras (if you don't already have it), and check out the imports from here:

Good stuff.
So where do i paste these into?
When you open Weakauras (type /wa at the chat prompt to open) you'll see an icon on the bottom of the right menu that says "import". Paste the string into the window that opens, then ok. It will create a smaller window near your spell bar with the objects its about to create. Accept that and it will import the auras settings.
shadowedUF allows you to keep the stagger meter up all the time, im sure there are other frame UIs that include it full time as well.

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