[A]<Blood Runs Cold>7/13H LF Exceptional Mage

Blood Runs Cold is a late night hardcore progression focused 10 man raiding guild. We raid 12-3am server Tues-Thur and Sun with possible alternate days if the raid is in agreement to progress further. We are currently recruiting experienced and geared mage for progression content!

Rotation of players will be based upon 3 factors
-Fight mechanics (ie its better to have more ranged or more melee to make the fight easier)
-Gear drops

About us-

Blood Runs Cold has been a tight knit Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage for almost 3 years now. We have gained and lost our share of players over this time as with any guild, but the core raiders we have now have been together since DS. We have drastically improved our raiding style and progression over the time we have been together. We have consistently improved our kill rankings going from the US thousands to hundreds to in the hundreds and now to sub 100 US 10 Man Kills. We intend to keep this acceleration in progression up with ToT heroics. All our raiders are on the same page and we are highly motivated to clear this content as fast as possible and any further content. We have an open forum for discussion of best possible strategies and good constructive criticism is not ignored as long as it is brought up appropriately. We distribute gear by a open form of loot council. We do not enjoy drama. We always side on the best interests of the raid and progression.

You can check out our kill videos and how we raid at http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sto ... +Runs+Cold

or our twitch streams


What we are looking for in a recruit-

We are looking for a player who has done past heroic progression and has excelled at it. We will be looking at logs/videos/screenshots and whatever you can supply to us to prove that you are an exceptional player at our level or above. We require that the recruit be properly geared for the current content with solid functioning computer/internet/raiding equipment. We expect you to do research on class/fight/strategy mechanics. We expect you to consistently perform at or above the level of play of our other raiders. Friendly competition between DPS/Heals is welcome and encouraged as long as it doesn't effect fight mechanics and kills. We need a raider that understands that being sat for fights is because it is for the best interests of the raid and its progression and not anything personal. We need you to have exceptional attendance during progression and if you can not make it please let us know far ahead of raid time. We understand that you have a much more important life outside of this game. If this is you ....continue reading....

How to apply-

-Put in an application at bloodrunscold.enjin.com
-Please fill in appropriate information and include anything that you deem relevant to show your skill
-If you are approved we will attempt to contact you in game or on the website to setup a time to interview/trial you.

Thanks for your time
Still searching. Will in all likelihood have Iron Qon down tonight.
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Oh well we got it next week
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Streaming for next 3 hours. HM Tortos, HM Ji'Kun and eventually some progression on HM Iron Qon
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