My game keeps freezing then crashing

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I entered world while the update bar was in the low part of orange so i could just barely get in and it froze and i had to restart my mac. Does playing on an orange bar do that
No it shouldn't but it doesn't give optimal game play like green or fully updated does. Try downloading all the way and see if the results change.
Try what Rogression stated. While you can play in yellow/orange stages, weird stuff can happen.
Rogression's suggestion is solid. Letting the download complete is always the best method of installing or patching the game. Playing during a download in progress is possible, but not optimal, and can sometimes cause the downloaded files to become corrupt, either during initial writing of the file or during any cache conversions.

If you have spare room on your drive, you might want to back up the entire WoW folder once the download and cache rebuilding are done as well so you can avoid downloading again from scratch should something go wrong.

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