MPPM: Son of Animus

Pet Battles
i got it on my first LFR kill.havent tried any pet battles yet tho

Same here. I'am liking it. Maybe I can muster up the enegry to level up the pet, and the others also :P
Uhg... For some reason my World of Warcraft Lancher is not working, it goes to about 75% of the way threw the bar, and then just stops. Any help?
Got this little fella after my guild's first Dark Animus kill last night. <3 He dropped along with the regular raid loot which is awesome because I already used up my bonus rolls.
Speaking of the new area of LFR, as much as I would like to find this pet, zoning in to falling through the air and dying before I even get to a boss is frustrating. Is this going to be fixed?
Alas, did not get it on either character I have that can do ToT LFR (or any of the ToT pets so far for that matter!). Hopefully next week.
Uhg... For some reason my World of Warcraft Lancher is not working, it goes to about 75% of the way threw the bar, and then just stops. Any help?

I believe the forum you are looking for is Technical Support.
As others have mentioned, Batter is an odd choice. Otherwise seems to have a neat skillset, especially since they're basically undead ability copies as mechanical.
I got him on my first kill, he was a surprise! I didn't even know that Dark Animus dropped a pet. At first I was looking to sell him, but once I summoned him I knew he was a keeper. It's such a unique looking pet, and I love that he seems fairly big. I haven't battled with him yet, but I'm looking forward to adding him into my team!
I didn't even get the pet :( I guess i gotta wait til next tuesday to try again.
This is the one i wanted the Most and sadly i have yet to even get one pet from ToT -Twitchs at the 2 sons on his ah for 200k+-
i didn't get it off lfr but i got it off normal DA before lfr was out lol very strong pet. one of my favorite pets
Thinking on the use of batter, I've decided to use a fox on my team to take advantage of the extra 25% speed buff. Maybe that'll make sure that I get more health back with the pairing of Batter and Touch of Animus.
Haven't tried ToT yet, but I definitely want this pet. Blood magic? Tie-in with future Sunreaver activities? Yes, please.

Edit: Actually, just checked on the remote auction house and snagged one for 2k. <3

Gonna login in a few minutes and pick him up out of my mailbox. Now I just need to decide on a name!
I was lucky enough to find mine on the AH for only 9k (and it's the only one I've seen for sale to date). I never was too big a fan of mechanical pets due to minimal variation in their ability types and being hard countered by elementals although out of the sheer novelty of it I powerleveled mine to 25 and ran it through some PvP. Like virtually any P/P pet I expected a glass cannon, but was pleasantly surprised to find that iron plating and siphon anima pretty much puts its defense on par with its offense. Interestingly enough the first time I used it I came across my first opponent to use one as well.
I've seen it drop twice in our main raid, not so lucky in LFR on alts yet! Fingers crossed!
I'm curious to know as someone asked earlier if it was possible to keep doing LFR to have a chance at having the pet drop. I did it on an off chance but am not certain if it works.. at least I helped a few groups clear the new lfr (:!
Just got mine and love it.

Paid 15K buyout for first one I saw. No idea if that's too high or not but as a non-raiding person i'm fine with it as I know i'll never get it on a drop. Very cool robot for sure.
kif he has a pet then why dont it show up on the loot journal using the dungoen journal
Guy guys guys -.-, think outside the box. A team is three pets. Put Dazzling Dance in the team and this guy will be way to powerful. It will be fun trust me.

325P/325 speed with dance.
Batter-Touch of Animus-Extra Plating.
Meet the new OP pet lol

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