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You see, due to the poor job the devs implemented the RNG, I still haven't even seen the inside of ToT because I've only started getting any gear from the 5.0 raids on my shaman.
Loot would actually have to drop in LFR in order to get this right??????

Sorry Blizzard, your drop rates have not shown ANY signs of improvement for any of my toons. Really pisses me off. I went 9/9 gold last week in tot LFR's and i am not about to burn hard earned coins for a chance at MORE GOLD. Hoping this week will be better.

The mere fact that you have to put up with mainly fail groups that can not figure out and learn MECHANICS in order to even down a boss, should force you to up the drop rates even more to properly reward players who actually down a boss. Instead we get increased repair bills.
This pet is OP.
Seeing as I keep crashing EXCLUSIVELY in pet battle matchups, I won't be trying to get this guy anytime soon.
I got one first week, and I love him. Against beasts he's unstoppable!
Against a Beast type this pet is nice, however when fighting other pet types Son of Animus falls short.

The most useless skill i think it has is Batter...very rarely will this pet ever go first.
Batter just seems like a bad call with a slow pet, just like on the Mini Thor.
Batter should be on Mechs with a speed at or above 278-ish, unless the pet has a speed buff or slow buff. This skill on a pet with a speed of 260 (Son of Animus) is crazy, putting on a pet with a speed of 211 (Mini Thor) is plan dumb.
In leveling in the Vale I've found him to be an excellent tank, able to last through all three enemy pets every time. :) And he looks amazing. He's definitely my favorite.
Isnt the next wing meant to be open?
Would be better if his attack 'Batter' had an extra attack when attacking 2nd rather than when attacking first. at 260 speed, it is unlikely he will go first the vast majority of the time. Would also create a good synergy with 'Touch of the Animus'

Bump this idea. Alternatively, try using him w/ a pet that has Dazzling Dance. Gives him a speed of 325. 8)
I never break him out on my team unless he is with my fox, and then he is a great pet!
This pet drops in raid finder. I got the pet and it is really good, it kills easy, all I can say is that you should try to get one.
I've been trying to run Throne of Thunder on both my 90's each week. It's very exhausting though. I'm really hoping Son of Animus and Ji-kun hatchling will be soon joining my ranks though. I keep saving my bonus rolls for them, even though there isn't an upgrade anymore on my second character. My husband is very adamant on getting his own Son of Animus as well.

They're absolutely gorgeous looking though!
I got one earlier today in LFR. Pretty awesome looking pet. I think it might become my new primary mech one i level it up.
I got mine and the next day had him leveled to 25. Doing the pet tamers dailies with him as a experience soaker leveled him up fast and he is insane in battles.
I have him and he DID drop in the LFR, halls of Flesh Shaping and I was on my Draenei holy far, since he has been mine 2 hours ( got him at 10:30am Eastern time, September 5, 2013). He is as tall as a dwarf female and runs ever so cute and always flexes his fingers. The ball in the center is always changing patterns, just like the big one at the start of the last boss. I don't know how he will do in a fight..but can't wait to be somewhere I can train him soon..

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