taming that stupid porqupine?!

OK SO i went with a healer and a tank to try and tame this porqupine but if they have aggro it doesnt allow me to tame it , Its the red Spirit One in the Valley of the four winds and he hits like a beast, HELP ME! teach me the ways of the samurai fellow hunters! ... lol ok that sounded much cooler in my head, before i typed it.

It's simple:

if one of your group members has aggro on the porcupine, simply use Distracting Shot (DS) on it. However, make you sure you have your slows on him before you pop DS, and make sure you know when to pop Deterrence. If you do it correctly, you'll have your porcupine tamed!

My mini-story: I managed to get all three of the spirit porcupines with a small group: warlock, DK, and a Guardian (tank) druid. We managed to burn them all down quickly; the only problem was aggro managing. Whenever I would go in for the tame, someone would grab aggro, by accident, and make the tame more difficult. But, as I said, DS and slows, plus Deterrence, will help out that situation!

PS: make sure you have the Tame Beast glyph; that's a must for taming exotics like the porcupines.
I thought that Hutia (green in Jade Forest) was the one that seemed the easiest. Just get silencing shot and kite it in a circle around the spawn point. I actually tamed a porcupine near it so that I could stampede/KC/BW to get it down to 20% quicker. Believe me, it took an hour, but i finally got it and am stoked. Just keep concussive up, and be ready to scatter/silence the heal. They all hit like a truck. Kite in cheetah (i recommend the glyph for that as well, so that you don't get dazed)
Degu? Just keep slows up, get him to low HP to have the buff wear off, have glyph of tame beast, and you basically win.
have glyph of tame beast, and you basically win.

this is something else that not enough hunters do when trying these rare/hard tames
I tamed Gumi a few weeks ago with the help of a fellow hunter. His job was to constantly slow him down whilst I kited and dpsed til his debuff dropped. Popped deter then tame beast. Took me a couple of tries to get him... Cause derp I didn't have glyph of tame beast.
Red one was hardest for me, the others I soloed. Blue was easiest imo. I suggest you make some sort of a macro and YES you need the Tame Beast glyph.

I made a deterrence-->Tame Beast macro so that I didn't waste a second between popping deterrence and taming.
I tamed all 3 in a single night, by myself, and the only one that I had problems with and had to look up was the red one (in Krasarang). For the sake of anyone else who's reading this thread and hasn't tamed them, here's a faceroll solo tame guide:

All 3 of them follow the same basic strategy: keep kiting them around while keeping them slowed (Conc Shot works fine). Once they get low enough to tame, get some distance, slow them one last time, use Deterrence just in case, and start taming (Glyph of Tame Beast really helps).

Noteworthy things for each one:
  • Green one has a heal. Simply be ready to use Silencing Shot or it will take a very long time.
  • Blue one moves faster than the rest. You can still stay ahead of it by keeping it slowed and using Cheetah/Pack.
  • Red one is the hardest because it will nuke you very hard if you get too far away from it, so you have to stay out of melee range but not too far. I noticed that when it's about to start nuking you, it stops moving for a second, so just pause when you see it happen and resume kiting.
  • I help my husband's hunter to tame the red porcupine. My mage was only 87 at that time. My job is to cast "slow" all time and occasional tiny dmg. So he got all the agro and he was between the safe range and didn't get hit once. (except during taming of course)
    I take it you can't just ice trap/tame?
    I take it you can't just ice trap/tame?

    He need to be below 20% health to tame.
    Keep concussive shot up, backpedal kite, glyph of tame beast, and don't bother using disengage. That will only serve to get you killed by his ranged attack. I didn't have much of a problem with Degu. He's actually quite easy once you figure out how to keep a safe melee range.
    Hutia is the easiest. In my opinion, Degu and Gumi have the same difficulty. Gumi is just faster than the others, and Degu is annoying.

    For Degu, have the Exhileration and Glaive Toss talents and a health pot handy. Wait until he's in a nice clear stretch and open with Concussive Shot.

    This is where it gets tricky. You have to stay within 15 yards of him. Get too close, he will kill you in two hits. Get too far away, he will cast a Quill Shot of some sort at you that hurts just as much. Just walk backwards and keep Concussive Shot and Serpent Sting up. Do not for any reason disengage, as even without the glyph you will be too far away from him and he will get you with his Quill ability. Use Exhileration first if you get hit, as, with proper gear, you will survive the first one. Glaive Toss has a small snare/slow effect that will help keep him slow, and it does some decent damage. When his debuff is gone, hit Deterrence and Tame [make sure you also have Glyph of Tame Beast, else he will kill you even with Deterrence before the tame is up!].

    It may take a couple of tries until you get it. I will swallow my hunter's pride and admit it took me three attempts, same with Gumi. But, he's definitely worth it, as he's beautiful. :)

    Best of luck to you!
    If you have a frost mage, or a shaman help, the tames are easy. Just pick people who can control their agro well. I helped my gm with my 86 shaman and it was easy if you freeze the porcupine still and use the tame glyph.
    Hey just got my Degu tonight! First want to thank Gaelinda and Netherborn for the assistance! You two rock!

    OK. First get your friends to help its FAR easier this way. Start out Lay these traps Snakes, fire, frost NOT Freezing. Have who is tanking walk them over that, Start shooting everything you got while your friends help DPS and heal. Lay down Binding shot as often as possible.

    Rinse and repeat until you get Degu down to 20% or less. Then Every one stop hitting .. Hunter take a speed potion and TAME! thats it go go go! Enjoy!

    Took us several tries to get this down to the above. Also STAY WITHIN 15 YARDS so his Ranged attack will not trigger, stay within 10 is best!

    [Clixoverride - Beast Master Hunter - Sisters of Elune]
    I tamed him 3 days ago. Damn thing killed me 6 times. I also forgot to use tame beast glyph, but I just used binding shot to stun him long enough to tame him.

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