(A) Frost Death Knight LF 25man Raiding Guild

Hello All Names Xfredo Im Looking into a 25man raiding guild preferably on tichondrius server.
Currently I Am On Ner'zhul but Will Make Switch Upon Rad Security.
currently im not really raiding due to attendance issues guild has had since 5.0 and after all this time we just still cant seem to recruit a stable player.
: Can Raid From Mon.-Thur. ANytime After 8PM PST
Dont Have Much To Show This Patch But My Attendance Is Near Perfect And Im A Quick Learner.
I'm 6/6 Msv 4/6 hof 4/4 toes 1/12 tot. The guild I currently raid in doesn't have a good raid leader and is having attendance issues, so there hasn't been much progression. I will consider 10 man raiding.*

Im a dedicated raider. I'm a very dependable raider. I will always be on time and prepared with food, flasks, gems,enchants, and repair mount on me. I read upon fights and I'm able to take criticism. I learn best doing the fight rather than reading it. I'm wanting a guild that has great leadership and knows what they are doing.I'm willing to transfer servers and even faction change. I keep quiet during raid fights unless spoken to or calling out interrupts etc.
I Guess Thats It, any other question im gladly willing to answer

BattleTag: xFredo8x#1254 Thanks All
Ner'zhul is >>>>>>>>>>>>>
been here to long man need a change of pace

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