AUS Sat Night Raid 9PM AEST - 3AM Server

Hi there People of Proudmoore!

Looking for any other interested toons that have mains / alts they want to gear up and learn fights.

I have been running a 10 Man raid, in which we have cleared MV Normal and up to Wind Lord Mel'Jarak of Heart of Fear.

Aim is to eventually clear Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring and then to move onto Throne of Thunder. Once we have sufficient gear and raiding experience.

With the extra 10% buff to these old raids make some of the fights more forgiving for new comers, but by no means are we clearing this with ease as yet.

Raid is held weekly on Saturday night AEST 9PM or 3AM Server time for 3 hours.

So if this sounds like the raid for you, and willing to put in the hard work please send in game whisper or mail so I can look out for you. I can't guarantee you will get in every weekly raid but will try and make it fair.

Looking at all classes and experience levels!
We use Mumble Voice Chat.
Flasks are provided.
All alone at the bottom.
Bumping once again.

Could use an off Tank and another ranged dps for rotation!

We are getting there slowly killing 2 bosses of ToT, hopeing for others to join in the fray!

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