Anything to "old" archeology?

Long ago I remember Blizzard saying they were trying to fix getting so many sites that you have already solved everything for. They implemented a system then said, "Well, not working like it was intended to." And left it at that. I still have been farming for my vial of sands (gotten 6 canopic jars out of I can't remember how many hours already). I am also still farming some other things. I realize the content is "out of date" but there are still so many people out there who want some of the other things and think it's a crap out to just shove it to the side. Maybe up the drop rates on the rare items from older areas (mounts, weapons, *cough*vialofsands*cough*) instead of just tossing it aside like an old doll.
I do archaeology in Pandaria and just turn in my finds there for Tol'vir fragments.
Yeah, looks like that's what I'll be doing from now on when I hit 90.

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