Tactical Mana Bombs(A) in quest tracker

Bug Report
The Isle of Thunder PvP daily quest, "Tactical Mana Bombs" (Alliance) is bugging out with regard to the Quest Tracker (I think that's the name for the list of quests on the right side of my screen).

I plant the first bomb on the ship, and the objectives in the Quest Tracker update accordingly.

I plant the second bomb at the scrying crystals ... and the quest disappears entirely from the Quest Tracker.

I'm not sure if it's planting the bomb specifically at the scrying crystals that makes it vanish, or if it's simply planting a second bomb that does it. I'll try them in a different order next time to see what happens.

In any case, this is an annoying issue. Given that I have seven quests active while doing these dailies, with many objectives, and given that I have to be constantly aware of my surroundings since I'm flagged for PvP and may actually end up in PvP at any time, I count on being able to review my progress to see what I still have left to do. Particularly if I'm interrupted by PvP combat.

So when the quest vanishes from the Quest Tracker, it's very easy to forget that I still have one more bomb to plant. So I get everything else done, my Quest Tracker is showing all my objectives completed, and I teleport back to Violet Rise ... only to realize I forgot to plant that last bomb.
** Update **

Subsequent episodes of planting the bombs in the order Ship -> Scrying Crystals -> Bridge continued to cause the quest to disappear from the Tracker upon planting the second bomb.

For my most recent at the quest, I started with the Bridge instead of the ship, then proceeded to the Scrying crystals, and this time the quest did not disappear from the Tracker after planting the second bomb.

So with what info I have so far, the order Ship -> Scrying Crystals seems to be causing the problem.

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