Hi ravenholdt!!!

hey I'm new to wow and my friend who doesn't play anymore recommended this server, just wondering hows the community in this server? It feels empty but that's probably because I'm in the starting area and I'm from New Zealand. Also want to join a guild but i have no idea where to begin.

Anyway looking forward to get to know the community and have some real fun!!! and by the way is my Milkguy inappropriate to a role playing server?
Welcome to Ravenholdt and its glad to see you picked the <Master> race. In terms of guilds, there are many on both side of the faction fence that caters to the following focuses...PVE, PVP, RP or bascially casual alt-o-holics.

Some of the <older generation> members of Ravenholdt will also throw out their welcome mats as well and supply well informed information as to which guild will best suit ya... They are old and wise in this area. I would advise you to seek our Aerana's posts, they contain the most complete information that you could ever seek in reference to the guilds and activities on RH.

Again welcome to RH and enjoy ya stay here.

One tip though...stay away from the Dwarven Stale Ale...I hear the beer vats are near the IF septic tanks and there is massive bleed over...thus causing a foul reeking tepid brew called Dwarven Finest...
Thanks for the advice, will keep that Dwarven stale ale in mind!!!
Welcome to Ravenholdt! I arrived here shortly after the server opened, and I just can't leave. There are amazing people here!

Bob's been badmouthing the Dwarven ale lately, one can only guess he's compensating for something because its a mighty fine product. Either that or he's had too much Jungle River Water .

Makes me want to reach for my Aerie Peak Pale Ale, lean back, and gloat that at least the prices won't go up as Horde is completely unaware of the superiority of our Dwarven brews.
The 'Master' Race is apparently only good at producing milk. does it come in pints?
Welcome to Ravenholdt!

Which type of guild you were looking for? I can point you in the right direction if you're looking for Horde RP.

As for the name....from an RP perspective that sure is out there, but I've seen worse. I would love to hear some other opinions in this regard. Anyway, with an add-on such as MyRolePlay, you can set up your name to display something entirely different to RPers.

The only beverage worth its calories is a fine Glass of Eversong Wine.

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