Lfm for 2nd team...

The Chosen (H) is in need of 2 healers (shaman, monk, disc priest pref), and 2 dps (warlock, druid, spriest pref) and 1 tank (ppally, druid, monk pref) for a 2nd 10m team. We have completed the 5.1 content and are 6/12 in ToT. Our intention is to have 2 progression teams running with the option of periodically running 25m as a guild. We are a small, adult guild looking for more to join our community. We currently raid M, W, Th 8:30-11pm est. 18+ only please. Part time raiders welcome. PvPers and non-raiders welcome. If you want to join an all adult, drama minimized environment, look me up in game or add Turtle#1235 to discuss.

The Chosen is a subsidiary of The Chosen Gaming Community. The community was founded 2.5 years ago and designed to provide adult gamers with a place to navigate between online games and always have guildies to play with. We have guilds in WoW, Rift, SWToR, Defiance, Neverwinter, and will have a presence in Elder Scrolls. Community members also spend some time in GW2, Tera, Minecraft and some FPS's. We have a voice server for the community and a website. We host monthly community meetings for those interested in upcoming game releases and more. Check us out at thechosenguild.net
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The Chosen from the Rift days?
Yes Joe, The Chosen from Rift days. The Chosen has expanded into multiple games.
That's awesome!! I played as "Xt" when we started raiding in Rift.

Good luck with the recruiting!!
The original post has been updated!
Oh and Joe...this is Turtle from Rift =P.
Oh and Joe...this is Turtle from Rift =P.


Bump for great guild!
(Jesekka is my BFF!)

Still looking for some fabulous healers to accompany us into ToT! Full on holy pallies, thanks.
The original post has been updated with needs.
The original post has been updated with needs and prog.
Original post has been updated

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