Mobile Armory preventing me from logging in..

Mobile Bug Report
...and I don't even use it.

While trying to log a character in from the character select I was informed that I couldn't log into the world while I was logged in to the Mobile Armory. I've logged into it a grand total of two times, the second was after getting that notice to see if it required authentication. After two failed tries on one character, it allowed me to log in on another character.

I'm running virus scans now to see if my computers have something, and I contacted CS who found that nothing out of the ordinary had happened to my account. They couldn't tell me if there were any logins though the Mobile Authenticator. It's possible it's on my end and someone got my password but couldn't get past my authenticator. If not, it looks like may have some crossed wires and for some reason thought I was connected through an application that I never use.

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