5.3 Glyph of Omens

I really don't feel like like balance druids need another way to generate Solar/Lunar energy at this point. I'd rather have the glyph work like this.

Glyph of Omens
(Balance Only)

Enhances your Area-Effect abilities.

- Hurricane's radius is increased by x% no longer requires channeling.

- Solar Beam's radius is increased by 50% (down from 100% in this case).

- Increases the radius of your Wild Mushroom: Detonate by x yards.

Two Options for Starfall:

- Reduces the radius of your Starfall by 5-10 yards, but Starfall now causes Splash damage


- Your Starfall now hits 1 target, has 1-2 charges, 1 minute CD and does splash damage to anyone within 40 yards of the target. Is still reset by Lunar Eclipse. (Sorta like hand of Gul'Dan).
Well that would be just the most broken, overpowered glyph imaginable.
Probably I was just bored so I made something up, I am going to taking Glyph of Stampede or Cyclone since those are the only two other options pretty much.
In it's current form Glyph of omans is completely useless in pve and almost completely useless in pvp. Using Astral communion is better in every way because we can choose when to take the 15% haste buff instead of triggering it accidently by using necessary cc's.

I swear who ever came up with this glyph doesn't play a moonkin
Blizzard's sucktastic idea to "buff" boomkins for the solar beam glyph nerf.
Solar beam by itself isn't all that OP, otherwise you'd see a ton of boomies in the 3s arena ladder boards.

It's the DK's mass grip that really makes beams OP.

Now in true brilliant Blizzard fashion, they nerf the ability of a class that is currently under-represented in arenas instead of nerfing the currently borderline OP class with the ability to make solar beam truly shine.

The solar beam nerf was way too big... they need to big us somewhere else if it goes through..... its going to feel like boomys are the elemental shammys of wrath.
They are nerfing cause of RBGs....... But they didnt even stop to think about arena.... hardly any boomys over 2200..... now you can expect none. I am sick of pvp balance around rbgs.....
Now that they nerfed mass grip to only affect 4 targets, can we get our radius back on beam?

Solar Beam is only OP to idiots that like to stack up on top of each other. There's probably a good reason why you don't see anyone crying about how OP solar beam is in arenas.
Hi, my name is Belle and I'm nothing without the solar beam radius glyph.

Revert this senseless nerf.
I'm just sad i'll have to use this over my double stampeding roar glyphs :( I really enjoyed using them together sigh...

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