[A10]The Amaranthine Order (2/13H)

Greetings, The Amaranthine Order, a guild formed by a group of MMO vets that met in SW:TOR. We raided on the Saurfang server until the raiding scene died on that server. We have been raiding 25 man content in the meantime, but haven't found the raiding atmosphere that we are looking for, so we are now on Frostmourne to raid.

With raiding and guild leadership experience going back as far as EQ 72 man raiding, and with all of our members having been members of progression raiding guilds over the years, we are in a good position to have all encounters tumble before us.

We are a skilled, mature group of players, our guild chat is smack talk free, and most of us think Joss Whedon is god. We talk crap with each other rather than fling it, but we're all adults so pretty much any reasonable conversation will be welcomed. While we like to enjoy our raiding, we also take it seriously.

Our Raid times are:
Wednesday 8pm - 11pm
Thursday 8pm - 11pm
Sunday 8pm - 11pm

Must be online and ready to go at 7.45pm

We are 2/13H and are progressing through hardmodes

We are currently looking for:

Recruitment is currently closed.

If you want to conquer MoP, and are looking for a group of skilled, mature gamers to shoot the breeze with while doing it, then I encourage you to apply at our web page, or contact myself (timmaaah#1482) or Grombrindel (UGhillie#1512) for a chat.

Zomg stop following me lolc :P
Sif your following me.... just your moving server before i know i'm going to do it :P
When did you start playing again krysh?

Anyways, updated thread with what we need
im a 502 ret paladin Darkflare#6399
About a month ago, and you all left me on Saurfang :(
Ah true, but in our defense, we didn't know you were coming back :P

If you dropped by our forums, you would have found out where we went as we never stopped using them :P
505 Unholy with vast experience and knowledge related to the game. Calm, patient, polite, knowledgeable and upbeat with large amounts of prior raid leading and raiding experience. (See http://openraid.us/users/index/75334 for feedback) I understand that this is a frostmourne alliance based guild and that I am currently horde. I am looking at transferring, and as such, am looking for a guild to push for progression. Rory#1673 feel free to add me for more information, or, if your unable to catch me online, you can always reach me on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SupachargedGamer?ref=hl Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you find what your looking for, preferably in me.
Hey mate, we have filled the melee spot already, i'll let you know if something come available in the near future.

We are now only looking for a healing monk or druid
Just looking for a tank now
We are currently looking for:
1 x DPS melee (Druid or Monk)
1 x Healer (Druid or Monk)
521 druid tank i have a 505 ret pally friend that i would like to get in a raid group as well. let me know
updated with current needs of

1 x DPS Pally (Tanks OS)
1 x Healing Shammy (Ele OS)

We are looking for people that are confident in playing the offspec as it may be required when MS healers/tanks may be absent.
Heeeeeeeeeere shammy shammy shammy
and retadin..
New Recruitment requirments!

LF -

1 MW Monk/Resto Druid

We're also 12/12, but Ellsey is bad at updating :x
geez grom... so impatient
516 resto exp in the 1st 5 bosses and last 4. Get back to me : )
Hey mate, wasn't able to get on to you before servers went down tonight.

You can contact us on our forums if an officer isn't on during the day, otherwise we'll talk you you tomorrow night.

Still looking for a resto druid
Updated, currently looking for a Ele Shammy
Modified with current needs.
LF Dps pally and lock

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