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Hey guys,

I'm working on "the Insane" title and need Heavy Junkbox's only available via rogues pickpocketing. Looking for any rogue's on Jubei'Thos willing to farm and sell me these. PM me in game for details, the higher the amount the higher the price! Need 1275 all up.

Also anyone else working on the title on Oceanic realms, doing Steamwheedle Cartel rep grind and wants someone to group up with let me know also. Apparently its much faster respawns with multiple people. :)

Ah so wish I could help! Farming at Lost Rigger Cove?
Yes! Currently exalted with Gadgetzan and neutral with other three. Getting there.
Have you done your Bloodsail yet? I found I made the 'mistake' of doing the goblins first. I did it because I was so close to exalted anyway, so it kinda made sense but tbh, I think I maybe should have done Bloodsail first, then goblins. Now I'm at Honoured with Bloodsail and will have to redo all the goblins again :(
Just finished the last of my goblin rep and yes I did Bloodsail first. I'm unsure if you need them all at the same time, different people say different things. But I just did Bloodsail first to be sure. :)
It used to be that you had to have them all at the same time, but Blizz chucked that a while back (patch 4.0 sounds familiar). So no, just have to tick them off one by one. There was a bug for a while where it wouldn't tick off Bloodsail or one of the others correctly but I think that's resolved itself now.

In the end, I got so sick of begging for boxes everywhere and putting up with rip off artists that I rolled a rogue. You really only need to get them to maybe 30 - then pick pocket in Dire Maul (the Orge side). Run that until you out level it then head to the mobs in Burning Steppes at Blackrock Stronghold. By the time you do a full pick pocket clear, run off and get the dwarves around the Ruins of Thaurissan, when you get back, their pockets are full again :P

The only issue I had was high level knobs killing the mobs for AoE looting of mageweave cloth or whatever they drop. That was extremely annoying.
Yeah I have an 85 rogue, so will have to start farming boxes soon. Was hoping to just buy them but can't seem to find anyone willing to farm them. :(

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