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What in the HELL is up with the calendar event invites from <removed>???
first: remove the name of the website it has been posted on your calendar. report the player in question and if possible report the website and delete every posting of that spam. you will be doing a service to the alliance in preventing the evil ones from trying to do their illegal business.

it happened inside the guild i am in. i went and deleted every single posting to stop the spammer and they are aware of what they have been doing. a blue has acknowledged it.
I put in a ticket as this player is not on atm but still exhists.
Got the invite for an event. Removed it, then got the event again for the next month. Brought the problem up during Guild meeting because I am NOT going to spend my time deleting events from spammers.

Guild Master informed us not to remove or delete the event, just ignore the invitor. :) Alllll events gone for the year, not a problem. After all, you have to have an account and character you accept to hold the event.

Yes, it's a pain. But something a little aspirin will take care of.

Kill well and smile, because you can't spell slaughter without laughter.
I just got one also and put in a ticket.
How annoying. This is even on all my characters, even in my guild, no one else in the guild but me. If they are aware of the problem why not just remove all at one time instead of having to click each month to the end of the year and delete each instance. I have multiple instances in every month. Maybe it is an addon that is doing it.
Locking the thread as it's from earlier this month.

We understand these invitations are annoying at the very least, and we're doing our best to alleviate the issue.

In the meantime, please continue to ignore/delete the invitations.

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