the zandalari prophecy

I'm haveing a hack of a time trying to get the -- for councle and king -- one. I have been on the ship ( the one docked at the harbor) 7 times now. went up ramp turned around and found boxes on the left but no scrool. Am I doing some thing wrong. hope someone can help.

The boat is apparently phased pretty heavily.

From wowhead: [Stage 5] For Council and King - There are some phasing issues with the Zandalari Warship. Be persistent, you'll have a lucky day where the ship is docked and remains phased in.

There's a picture of the location.
thank you very much. I'll keep on trying now that I know that its not just me being stupid.

Still broken.

Relogging hasn't worked, so I guess I'll just spawn camp it and hope after quests reset, it'll show up.

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