6/12 (10 Man) LF 1 Healer (HPal or Disc)

Hi All,

Would love to chat with any exceptional players, but specifically we need 1 healer for ToT progression. We have a 6/12 Alliance guild that raids Tuesday through Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 Pacific time on the Lightbringer server.

Our goal is to continue raiding through this xpac and beyond doing all the heroics and associated meta achieves. Just need good players capable of that commitment while being on a more casual raid schedule. This means we get stuff done when we're actually raiding, so you need to know your class inside and out as well as the fights. We're not elitist at all, so don't worry, just want to make sure we're being efficient in downing bosses.

Everyone in the guild is mature and fun as we're all adults. Since we only raid 3 days we like to get the most out of our time.

If that sounds interesting to you please let me know. :)


Contact me or any officer on their battletags:

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