Best Rogue X-Mog's

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If you think you deserve a spot in wow history for your amazing mog then post here and show it off :)
sexiest rogue here is disguised as a monk.
bloodfang is far and beyond the best rogue set, and probably the best set in wow.
Ulduar tier 8 is sexy on orcs, and since i once was an orc im gonna go with that set
I agree with Tier 8. Mhmm
oh dang tier 8 on a troll : D!
How bout it?
04/15/2013 06:21 AMPosted by Fullblownaid
bloodfang is far and beyond the best rogue set

Agreed. I wish the helm didn't look ridiculous on worgens. Do any rogue helms look good on worgens besides deathmantle? Death knights have some, so I know it's at least a possibility. Bonescythe kind of works, but it looks like a muzzle and is out of my reach. I've have one helm that looks like an eye-patch that I tried to wear with my slayers armor, but for some reason it didn't show up after the x-mog.
I like Deathmantle, but I'm lv70...
look at me and decide for yourself
sexiest rogue here is disguised as a monk.

Naturally. A good disguise helps you get close to the target.
Batsuit. That deserves an honorable mention, yes?
I win.
I'm still in the process of farming for a few alternate dagger options.
Mostly I'm just bummed that Neurosurgeon's Tool Horde only :(
The winner has arrived.
sorry... mine is too generic.
Well since you're asking for my Xmog. I'm using T3.
purpmaster whats goodddd

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