Best Rogue X-Mog's

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I have many mog, Might make a gallery a bit later for you guys, I try to avoid common mogs, but its hard.

This current set still needs a mace/sword/axe so I can mog it to felsteel long blade
Good 'ol D3 & T4.
Easy to farm and gets a lot of compliments.
Can't go wrong with T15
Nothing good in this thread so far. Wamei I'm rather fond of though.
bring it!

Oh, it's already been broughten!
Ohhhhhhh snap.
I personally like my t7. And my daggers get sheathed on my back, like a ninja! : )
Do I get extra credit for hand-making most of my pieces? In any event, I conceed superior xmog to the NElf on the prior page who had the cadaverous set. So awesome. Wish they would make that available via replica armor available from Dark Moon.
I think I've mixed my Bloodfang and Slayer's pretty well, but i still feel really generic. The Ulduar sets are great too and I'll be going for those soon just in case I get sick of this one.

Sometimes I wish the original Bonescythe was still obtainable, that was the best ever.
mine is the best, even though orcs on the armory look horrible
Sorry you all lose. /flex
I think mine is quite nice, I love it anyway.
I enjoy the look of mine.
I'm really liking my xmog atm.

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