Best Rogue X-Mog's

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There aren't much good looking bright colored leather mogs though.
I think there might be 3 or 4 that aren't bulky and bleh.

I just need an Alliance Tabard with Navy Blue instead of Cerulean, then my outfit would be fantastic.
Gotta look like the undead druid, man
no shredder fans :?
no shredder fans :?

Pretty sure you were looking for this.

EDIT: can't paste a link I guess

Look up Field Marshal Vestments, the Alli lvl 60 PvP gear
Fear thy shovels.....
^ Yay! A rogue disguised as a druid. xD Always fun!
I love this xmog
I win.
I like mine ;)
Love the BC era gear.
black and gold? lol, my boot xmog isnt showing up for some reason, but theyre black and gold too
@Edit, I see that you are green with envy!!
I like mine.
I like mine as well. ;p
Since it has been available, I have only used this set. The daggers have changed some but the armor has been the same. I like it a lot.
My set gives me a !@#$%.
I can never decide on transmogs. I usually change it up every week, depending on my mood.
Timekilling... I love that set! Mind if I steal it? o3o
minus the fact that I can't find a helmet to fit my orc rogue, I went with the t4 BC styled rogue. beautiful true black set.

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