~Three Lanterns Market~ [May 10th] [A-RP]

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Attention citizens of the Alliance! The Three Lanterns Market (outdoor market event RP) is coming to a place near you!

Have you often gathered materials, crafted fantastic items or found amazingly rare things only to store them in your bank, and later find yourself asking what you could possibly do with them all? Well, Three Lanterns Market is the solution to that very problem! Come join us for an evening of fun, food and profit!

We here at <The Wandering Lantern> are welcoming everyone to come join us at the Three Lanterns Market, whether it be to sell your wares or peddle items you happened to come across while out adventuring in the world.

Don't have anything you want to sell? Perhaps you're looking to bolster guild activity through recruitment? You're more than welcome to open a recruitment stall to let people find out what your guild is all about first-hand!

Not wanting to open your own stall? That's perfectly fine~ Any good market needs patrons to make it worth while! We urge you to take a few minutes out of your busy days to come down and have a look around!

--OOC Info & Attractions--

~Three Lanterns Market~

Location: Lakeshire, Redridge
Date: May 10, 2013 (2nd friday in May)
Time: 6 - 8pm (server time)
Type: Market/Community RP


Stalls of all sorts
Opening fireworks!
Specially Imported Darkmoon Rides
A Raffle! (prizes to be announced!)

--Vendor and Contributor Info--

If you would like to be a vendor, please copy+paste the stall outline below into your comment so we can keep them all easy to read ^-^.

-Stall Outline-

Character [vendor] Name:
Vendor,Recruitment or Talent Stall:
[If Talent] Talent Performed: (eg. Fortune telling, palm readings, etc.)
[If Recruitment] Guild Name you'll be recruiting for:
[If Vendor] Stall Type: (eg. Herbs, Potions, Shirts, etc.)
GHI required [Y/N]:
Added Information: (eg. Anything else we should know about your stall)

--Contributor Info--

If you'd fancy yourself a terrific contributor for future markets, be it for raffle prizes, fireworks or anything else you can think of: Please comment with your name and something showing that you would like to be a contributor. We can talk more about it in-game!

~If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me in-game via mail,whisper or battletag (SpaceUnicorn#1648)!~

{{I've also posted this here -> http://wyrmrestaccord.org/forums/roleplaying-corner/events-and-town-crier/three-lanterns-market-311 for anyone that would prefer to comment there :) }}

EDIT: This video was made by Arcaeon (a guildie of mine) of the first market event! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r3afxS0CZg
-STALL INFORMATION BELOW- (A list of all of the vendors,recruiters & contributors will be placed here!)


Briarpetal & Deep Forest Caravan - Gold and Raffle Prizes
Teryani - Raffle Prizes
The Borderland Coalition - Fireworks


~Our Peacekeepers will be the following members of my guild: Azalyn, Daelira, Bubixie & Jiaorong~ My inner-guild Peacekeepers will be guarding alongside the fine people of <Stormwind Guard Union>


Xiuan Songclaw - Pandaren produce/meats/brews & meals
Civardi & Seashen - Darkmoon Guru & his assistant
Briarpetal & Irianos - Glyphs
Conclave of Azora & House Au'llon Imports - Items for xmog/RP
Mageroyal Society - Free basic medial services. Tune-ups, inspections and minor repair of mech-pets
Parthian - Small Animals
Loyde with <Node> - Goodie Bags for new players to the game~
Adelynn Jacobson - Antique Appraisal (Antiques, Archaeological Artifacts, Oddities) GHI required!
Adrek - Flying Machines (actual mount sold)
Daín - Various Ales
Warrodon - Toys


Olivae - Conclave of Azora
Eardinn - Brotherhood of Ironforge
Loyde - Node
Ariel & Saola - The Wandering Lantern
Warriorsrule - The Gilnean Redemption
Malchior - Minstrels of Azeroth
Lorcan - Thunderwing
Neileo Order of the Pure Heart
Daín - Order of the Rose
Location: Lakeshire, Redridge
Date: May 10, 2013 (2nd friday in May)

My hometown! :D
Character Name: Xiuan Songclaw
Vendor,Recruitment or Talent Stall: Vender
[If Vendor] Stall Type: Pandaren produce and meats, brews and precooked Pandaren meals
GHI required [Y/N]: For specialty brews
Added Information: Bring your hungry bellies and dry throats! Also if a meals you like is not among the precooked meals just ask! Xiuan will gladly take requests of all kinds!
Darkmoon Guru is once more on loan for this event :)

See you in Redridge with more prizes, bad hats and advice
Character Name: Briarpetal & Irianos
Vendor: Yes
Stall Type: Glyphs
GHI required: No
Added Information: Rock bottom prices on Glyphs. Deep Forest Caravan supports those who wish to contribute fully in an environment torn by conflict. Head on over to EJ and make your shopping list up.
Character [vendor] Name: The Conclave of Azora and House Au'llon Imports
Vendor,Recruitment or Talent Stall: Recruitment and Vending!
[If Talent] Talent Performed: (eg. Fortune telling, palm readings, etc.)
[If Recruitment] Guild Name you'll be recruiting for: The Conclave of Azora
[If Vendor] Stall Type: Selling items for transmog/rp
GHI required [Y/N]: No
Added Information: We're more than happy to come back to the Market! We had a ton of fun last time. =D Looking forward to it.
:D Got all of you guys added!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's stalls in our new location! :D
Bumpity bump!
Character [vendor] Name: Mageroyal Society
Vendor,Recruitment or Talent Stall: Vendor, Talent
[If Talent] Talent Performed: Free basic medical services provided by our medical staff. Free tune-ups, inspections, and minor repair of mechanical pets by a licensed engineer.
[If Vendor] Stall Type: Food and Potions*; Raffle
GHI required [Y/N]: No, although we will have vendor item lists available.

*I'll have a complete list soon, as well as the raffle prize.

(I expect to have a few people manning the booth, and I'm unsure which character of mine will be needed at the event until last moment.)
@ Vandy~ Gotcha added :) Just let me know in-game who to send the calendar invite to when I send them out ^-^
@ Vandy~ Gotcha added :) Just let me know in-game who to send the calendar invite to when I send them out ^-^

Thanks, will do!
Morning bump!
Morning bump~
YAY! I think we can make this one. I'll add this to the guild calendar. Thanks for hosting this event! I'll send a donation to the raffle this evening (I've got several pets that could use a good home).

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