Question for you guys.

Earthen Ring
I'm considering rolling a character here. I'd be brand spanking new and I'm thinking of making a Tauren. I was just curious how it was Horde side here. I am also hoping if I do come to this realm that I may find a home here, maybe someone will give me shelter when I arrive? lol.

Anyway I look forward to your replies.

Thank you.

PS, if you are curious the guild this guy is in is my bank guild lol, I didn't play this toon for a long time and I needed somewhere to park it.
Hiya! I replied to your reply on my recruiting thread on this forum.

Horde side is a great place to be. This is a very active server and I love it here. Started out as Alliance during TBC on Twisting Nether and a friend talked me into rolling a character here on Earthen Ring and trying Horde. I liked it here so much that I brought 2 of my Alliance characters over from Twisting Nether and faction changed them to Horde after I lvl'd this pally. I've never looked back :)

You'd be most welcome to join us at R&R.

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