Resto Druid and Frost DK LF Raiding guild.

Hello, my friend and I are looking for a casually raiding guild, raiding 2-3 times per week, and preferably in T14 normal progression. We've been raiding together since 2006. We were also in a top 10 server guild during the burning crusade on the Garona server, raiding 4 nights a week.

The only nights we can not do are friday and saturday nights.

We may not have MoP experience, but we definitely have plenty of raiding experience.

Feel free to respond here or message me in game.
Recruiting for Group 1 and Group 2

Group 1 is 2/13H
Min Raiding Exp 12/12N including past heroic exp

-elemental shaman
-frost dk

Group 2 is 11/12N
-a tank
-non priest, pally, hunter dps
-a dps with healing os

PST in game for more info
battletag: topamax#1459

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