Multi spec Ret Paladin?

My brother is *insisting* that he can make a Ret Paladin extremely strong and durable by crossing the stats all over the place. Example: Stam>Int>Str>Spirit>Haste to make a Ret that can heal itself for mass amounts of health, *have* mass amounts of health and do a considerable amount of damage on top of that, making it able to step into all 3 rolls, theoretically.

He is currently a level 62. He believes at 90, this will be totally viable. What do you all think? I believe that would make to him "squishy", making him heal himself at all times basically, just to stay alive, thus also lowering his DPS dramatically.

This is his Armory link:
Intellect doesn't do anything for rets anymore (see sword of light.) Spirit would be pretty pointless to get as we get like 6% of our mana back every 2? seconds. Really, the best way to get more healing as ret is to get strength (see sword of light.)
Intellect and spirit do nothing for Ret. All of Ret's spell power and mana regeneration come from Sword of Light, which prevents any other source of spell power from working. To boost healing, Ret needs strength (or PvP power for PvP).

Ret's not a tank. Stacking stamina won't change that. Easy content may be doable as Ret, but anything harder than five-man dungeons would crush a Ret. Tanks all have other sources of defense: active abilities, cooldowns, more armor and health, avoidance. A Ret could have as much health as a tank (well, not a stamina-stacking tank), but he'd have nowhere near the defenses needed to survive.

So, is his strategy viable? No, not for anything remotely difficult.
At 63 you can wear all spirit cloth and still be a monster, because you're an MoP 62 doing content that was designed really still under the vanilla philosophies so even doing everything wrong the game can give you a false perception that doing it will work out.

A properly geared 63 ret can solo Blood Furnace and Underbog with relative ease, and Ramparts is extremely easy.
You can usefully off-heal as Ret, but Int won't do a damn thing to affect that, and neither will Spirit.

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Tell him he is very, very wrong. No class or spec is designed to be effective at all 3 roles at once at max level.

Pally tanks in a raid are a fairly hilarious exception to this in practice.
So are guardians, but tanks can go into dungeons and if they're competent and decently geared, reasonably expect to have significant dps and significant healing/absorb output.

But they're not ret. :D
Thanks for all the responses guys. Really helpful for him :P He doesn't listen to me.
Thanks for all the responses guys. Really helpful for him :P He doesn't listen to me.

Let him do what he want when he's lvl 90 and then laugh at his failure.

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