9/12 team LF a Boomkin or Resto druid!

Guild Recruitment
Nefarious: US-Dawnbringer Alliance

LF a Balance or Resto
Raid Tuesday/Thursday nights 8pm-11pm Central.
Currently looking for a Balance Druid or Resto Druid!
Cataclysm we started late DS cleared 8/8Heroic Mode.
5.1: 16/16 Normal & 5/6 Heroic MV (Pre-nerf).
5.2: 9/12N ToT

We are not an elitist or hardcore progression guild. We are a group of people who enjoy doing the best they can with the limited amount of time given.

This team is the first and founding raid team of our guild. Raiding 2 nights a week 3 hours a night we like to be efficient with our progression and raiding style. We enjoy the company of each other and prefer to keep the raid to the same group from week to week. And because of this we have made a balanced comp. We don't believe in player substitutions so everyone in the raid has 2 specs that are ready for raiding at any given point. This has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently to change healers and DPS around at any given point in our raids, from 2 heal fights to 4 heal ones.

We are recruiting a Druid to give us our tranquility and the amazing battle rez. We would also love this druid to perhaps look into a Tanking off spec for fights in case of a tank absence or a fight where a druid tank is the more logical option.

We also do more than raiding as well. Our guild has recently started an RBG team that runs Friday and Monday night. We also have 3 other raid teams where on occasion you can fill in on an alt character or a main depending on the raid/progression.

Currently our guild on our server is the 4th guild in progression overall and first on alliance. For 6 hours of progression a week we feel that is great progression for our amount of time spent. And believe it’s because of our teams that are full of enthusiastic players.

Our guild mainly focuses on raiding. We keep a stocked up guild bank for raiding purposes. We keep it filled with flasks, feast, and food and enchants+ gems Plus all the crafting materials used to make them. We try to help out with repairs and other raiding needs.

All in all we are a guild who enjoys raiding and likes to laugh and have fun. To sum us up, we have 3 raid teams an RBG team, Full stalked guild bank, Ventrilo, a fully functional guild website with all of our information (WoL, Contact info etc.). And we are looking for a flexible, super awesome Druid that will fit our needs and loves being a part of a team and an active part of our guild.

Recruiting: Balance or Resto Druid
Guild: Nefarious
Realm: Dawnbringer
Faction: Alliance
Raid times: Tue/Thur @ 8pm-11pm Central
Progression: Current: 9/12Normal 5.1: 16/16 Normal 5/16 Heroic
In game contact: Kiirsta (In game main)
Battle Tag: samy#1336
Website: Nefariousdb.guildportal.com
Shameless bumps! Lets get some druids in here!
Can some Epic Mutated Monster Bird with an Eating Disorder PLEASE ruffle your feathers and make your presence known to this near extinct race's cry for help and flap over to her raid?
Seriously, were looking for someone (boomkin) that's committed to progression in WoW. We raid twice a week, 3 hours per night and we consistently kill bosses. The only thing hindering us from being a top 1000 US guild is attendance/commitment of this final spot. We require competitive dps, knowledge of class and someone that adjusts quickly to new raid mechanics/strategies. Please reply or pst in-game if interested, were a decent sized guild and an officer, or myself will be most likely be on.
So, you pretty much just said exactly what Kiirsta said >.>
Do you sometimes rank on world of logs? We do! Come join us and play the "I out dps'ed the rest of the raid" game!
You know what you get if you don't join our raid team?


(Note: we don't use DKP. we don't have to... we don't have loot drama. we just roll on things we want (main spec need; off spec greed). With our raid comp, we don't shard much loot, and usually only a couple people want a given piece of loot. Often, only one person will roll on a piece of loot because other people defer because it will be a better upgrade for someone else....)
^ we are a very well rounded team. There are no doubles of classes. we have 3 plate classes, 2 leather (Including you ;) see what i did there) 2 mail, 3 cloth. Mage lock priest dk pally warrior monk shaman hunter and a new druid :)
So every type of loot is used by someone. From agi leather to int plate.
With a 6-hour/week raid schedule, you can have a life/family/other hobbies/etc and still kill bosses!
Lol i <3 you baan xD

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