[H] Catalyst 10M [11/12N] LF1M

<Catalyst> is a Horde guild on Hyjal (US-PvE).

Catalyst is currently a 10-man raiding guild who has been here on the Hyjal server for almost five years. Our goal is heroic progression. Switching to new content as it's released. Recently, we lost some of our core raiders and are looking to replace them with dedicated and friendly players. We like to push progression but only rarely extend lockouts to do so. Our progression in Tier 14 was 4/16 heroic.

We are progressing along in Tier 15, currently 11/12 normal mode.

Raid Times:
Tues/Thurs/Mon from 7:15-10:15pm server time (PST)

What we expect:
Know your role – Be prepared for every fight and know how you can min/max yourself for each new encounter.
A Good Attitude – Be ready for progression which means wipes and frustrations.
Great Attendance – Real life does happen so let us know ahead of time if you will be missing a raid.
Communication - Raidcall and a Working Mic

Loot Rules:
We typically do free roll. But it is encouraged to see what gear fellow raiders have and how big of an upgrade it is between you and them. After all we are on the same team and gear is just a means to kill the next boss.

Gear Expectations:
Be at the gear level for our current progression - ilvl 510+ equipped at the bare minimum.
Full Gems and Enchants and proper reforging.

How to Apply:
Just reply here and let me or Navlevar know in game.

Currently Recruiting:
Tank - Monk or Warrior
Healer - Monk or Shaman
DPS - Monk, Shaman, or Warrior

Right now a DPS role would be the easiest fit, but if you are a particularly strong healer or tank we can definitely make it work.
I can raid Tuesday nights.
Ji-Kun down, good progression on Durumu. Still need to fill 3 spots.
Bump, still looking.
512 hunter here. Interested.

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