3 month long bug

Website Bug Report
So i, along with everyone else who enjoys their hair, have been posting for close to three months now about how we're all bald.

Is this bug ever going to be fixed or are we just biting the bullet on this one and needing to change our transmog to something that covers our head?
Seriously - where's my hair!?! My fans need to see my sexy silver horseshoe!
I agree! My poor triple mohawk hasn't shown in sooo freakin long. We gotta keep this topic near the top so we can get answers!!!!!
There are several posts in this area about hair, shoulders and weapons not showing up. We're not getting blue responses anymore, I think it may be a lost cause soon.
Hm well do you know of another site where you can view your character then? I'd like an image with my hair and stuff for correct xmog viewing purposes
Unbelievable that this issue persists.

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