Mature guild recruiting for raids and more.

Area 52
<Blood and Chrome> level 25 is looking for the last few players to have a full group committed to progressing through Throne of Thunder. Our goal is to get all of normal mode cleared before 5.4 lands while getting to know each other and being ready to go full-force into Siege of Orgrimmar. We are looking for great players that are dedicated to their class and team. We want raiders that are willing to come prepared and on time for raids. Our current team consists of members that have cleared 4/12 in ToT in our Fri/Sat late night group after a late start.

We are a group that is willing to go the extra mile for each other and we have a mature, friendly and supportive community. Our main goal is to get to know each other and really enjoy the experience of progressing through content with each other. We also always provide a full set of flasks and potions to our raiders for each raid night along with repairs for everyone. We'll always try to make that extra piece of gear or provide enchants and gems to those in need as well.

We are currently seeking to find dedicated players for our Monday/Wednesday 9pm-midnight team. We also are looking to expand our membership with others who just enjoy the game and want to join us in our guild LFR, dungeon, and achievement runs.

If you're interested please send a message to Sendora or Narayne. Or you can get ahold of me through my real id: Senza#1813

We are also always looking for more casual members that want to be a part of a great mature community. We love welcoming new members and getting to know everyone that joins. On our off nights we plan to go back and do some of the tier 14 heroics and achievements. We also plan times to do older raids/achievement runs as well as challenge mode dungeons.

Thank you for reading. We hope to hear from you soon!
The group has successfully cleared all of tier 14 and is 1/12 in tier 15 and ready to get Horridon on Monday. Just looking for a few more to round out the team on a full-time basis.
Still have room for a tank and a dps for full-time raiding spots.
I am looking to transfer to this realm later today. I am a ilvl513 Guardian druid with 3/12 experience and a lot of really close calls on Tortos. My current guild on Ghostlands is having a hard time getting enough people to show up on raid nights. Not sure if a druid tank fits your needs or not. I am also willing to go feral if needed. Your raid nights of Mon. and Wed. work out really well for me.
Still have a few raiding slots. We would also love to have any other members that want to do guild LFRs/dungons/achievement runs with us.

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