Is my focus bugged?

UI and Macro
I have no idea what's going on.

I right click set focus, and it says an add-on blocks it.
I disable the add-on, and it says another blocks it. It repeats until every single one of my add-ons are disabled.

Bartender, arkinventory, atlasloot, every single one of them.

This has NEVER happened before, and all my add-ons are up to date. This recently just started happening.

Any suggestions?
Instead of using the dropdown menu, assign a focus key via the keybinding menu or make a macro like:
Oh, that worked. Thanks
If you run this with your AddOns enabled, does it fix the problem?/run TargetFrame:SetAttribute("*type2", "togglemenu")
I've noticed this problem. I've only been able to reproduce it by right-clicking a raid frame to set focus. When right-clicking a target frame it works fine. It makes me think the problem isn't any third-party addon, but rather an issue with Blizzard frames.
There was a recent change in a patch to stop this from happening and to allow mods to focus through a dropdown menu, which previously wasn't possible. Or so I thought? Or read somewhere?

SecureActionButtonTemplate has a new "togglemenu" action type, which (securely) opens a unit popup menu for the unit specified by the action button.

I think that's the relevant one.
Maybe it's affecting somehow the default frames?

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