I HATE it when....

I really hate it when you are killing a rare and either ally/horde aggro a mob and try to kill you...well that happened to me on my rogue not too long ago in Krasarang Wilds not that geared on my rogue so i died and lost my rare mob to an alliance jerk!

please dont do that its not Fair!!!
I hate it when I'm soloing a warbringer and there are 5 people standing by hoping I'll die. So I kite him through anyone stupid enough to stay on the ground during cleaves and meteor showers.
Does it really grind your... cogwheels?

I'll leave.
What do you mean "it's not fair?" It is fair. Now, rude, on the other hand...
It's not fair on how you're killing a rare mob and an alliance aggros a mob and brings it to you while killing the rare and kills you while you almost kill the rare...and then you run back to your body and the rare is dead =/
That's fair game, honestly; all you need to do is CC the add or switch to the add and kill it off fast.

I mean, it sucks, but what can you do.

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