Elemental Gear Check Up

Hey, was just hoping I could get a check up on my gear. I just hit 90 four days ago so I'm using a few PvP pieces as filler until I can replace them.

Known issues:
-I'll throw Jade Spirit on my weapon when I get a better one. Not feeling like spending the resources on such a low ilvl weapon.
-I'll toss the better brace enchant on when I get solid PvE bracers.
-Gemming isn't optimal in PvE pieces. I've been waiting to sim it until I get full PvE gear though I will gladly take advice on how things could improve.

Anything else to help would be wonderful. My numbers have been a tad low at times so I'm looking to get them a bit higher so I can hopefully get raiding on this toon soon.
Some things you could do are:

- Perhaps, go to the Ethreal Area of a Capital City, and upgrade all your items.
You also seem a bit low on Mastery. Mastery is an essential part of an Elemental Shaman that could help you greatly. You should:
- Reforge some of your spirit for mastery.
-And even though your not looking for gems, some mastery gems would be good.
Once you have a significant amount of mastery, try working a bit of haste into your gear as well.

Other then that, you should be on top of your game, your gear gives pretty decent stats. :)
Think the main thing holding you back is your weapon. Best bet is to get a bunch of elder charms from the isle treasure trove and do older LFR. You can use the charms to get multiple cracks at items during the same week. For efficiency, I suggest the second half of heart of fear. Use your coins on amber shaper Un'sok's Amber Scalpel and the empress Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm.
I don't think you can upgrade your gear anymore. On of that I'm hit capped pushing Haste>Mastery>Crit so I can't really reforge spirit away.

Yeah I've been trying to replace my MH weapon. I ran LFR once for drops, and then ran it again after I had 7 elder charms. I spend those on every boss that would drop a main hand including all my mogu ones for ToT (was hoping for the MH off Lei Shen but got the OH just after I'd gotten the Gara'jal shield).

I'm trying to get into some cross realm raids for normal MV/HoF/ToES since I'm experienced in them with my monk, since on server people are wanting 490-500 ilvl to do NORMAL MV/HoF/ToES for some insane reason. Not sure why they want a higher ilvl than what the places drop.
so I'm using a few PvP pieces as filler until I can replace them.

Remember that PVP pieces don't work like they used to. A 476 pvp piece is just as good as a PVE 476.
Yeah that's why I've been hanging on to them. I was weighing their stat values against comparable 463 Heroic pieces and due to the PvP gems and socket bonuses they lose a little bit of effeciency, but they have higher secondary stats for now.

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