11/12N Guild LF Tank

New opening for core position
A qualified applicant will be 6/12+
505 iLvL +
18 + years of age

Raid times:

Tuesday 7:30 to 11:00ish
Thursday 7:30 ti 11:00ish

Application to be filled out: http://apotheosis-sargeras.wowstead.com/
Please contact me in game or via email Dabohler@gmail.com
Package deal looking (Prot Pally, SV Hunter). Both have plenty of end-game HM XP in multiple roles.

3/12 but that doesn't reflect our skill level at all, got a late start going into 5.2.
I'm interested. Please both of you fill out a full application ( I promise it is short ) on our guild website and touch base with me this weekend to get an interview. I will still be conducting multiple interviews this weekend and taking the most qualified applicant.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8729062993 can make it till 8 on some nights about 2 weeks out of the months if thats not ok then np thre is a mage also
Officially 12/12, Starting Heroics this next week. Tue/Thur Group currently full, in search of more for a Wednesday Alt/Backup group for any hoping to showcase their skills to replace a group 1 member.
you guys can mssg me if you neeed a tank how complete is the back up ? does it run

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