Greetings Zul'jin!

I just wanted to say Hi.
I heard the 25 mans are dying here :(
This is why I came here to offer you guys a possible raiding spot with <TPA>

2/13 H ToT and 2 more Heroic bosses ( Tortos and maegara ) are planned to go down next week ! :)

<TPA> of Stormreaver is a 25 man guild that raids 3 nights a week Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday from 8pm (EST) - 12am ( EST )

High demands are:
Shadow priest ( OS doesn't matter cause you wont ever be healing for PVE progression)
Enhancement Shaman (OS doesn't matter )
Ret Paladin ( No OS needed )

to get a chance to join TPA's progression through ToT please apply at :

You can contact me via Battle Tag : Faize#1420

-Happy Hunting! :)

<3 and Hugs!
I haven't heard that at all.
Join the sexy Asian ladies guild :P
Join the sexy Asian ladies guild :P

Why the !@#$ are you a female Belf! why you change a lot!
Kuz pixel fap material! And I didn't change much, I was human only because I went to a friends server for a bit.

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