[H]<Plz Send Halp> LF Heals+Ranged 11/14H SoO

What we are:

10-man horde raiding guild on Zul'jin.

What we offer:

Experienced, stable leadership with years of raiding experience. Free repairs and food buffs, flasks. No-drama loot (EPGP). Mumble for communication. Off-night and weekend events (LFR/Achievements/Old Raids/Transmog etc). 9 hour / week raiding schedule, with a 2 out of 3 minimum commitment (we realize 100% isn't realistic).

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9pm EST - 12am EST

Current Needs:

1 - (Non-Shaman) Healer (565ilvl min)
1 - Strong Ranged DPS, preferably Warlock

If you play another class skillfully that is not on the list, we may still consider you.

Who we are:

Raiders from Vanilla and top 40 US raiding experience through current content looking to challenge ourselves with progression and achievements. Our goal is to down all current content on normal and experience heroic modes before subsequent nerfs, while maintaining a 9 hour/week schedule.

What we expect:

Individuals will come prepared for raids, having read up on strategies, and contributed to their gearing with LFR and/or dailies outside of normal raid times. Raiders will run the appropriate addons to assist with raiding (DBM/Big Wigs, Raid Frames of some sort, Omen, and EPGP). Racism, sexism, and drama will not be tolerated in any form. Raiders should know their class, or where to find the appropriate information. Additionally, they should be open to constructive, positive feedback, as well as an adult raiding environment.

Visit us at http://www.sendhalp.enjin.com or - Katasha#1835, Bushmill#1398,
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Updated class needs.
Updated class recruiting needs.
Still looking for a melee dps?
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These are awesome nice people. :) If only things were different, I'd raid with them in a heartbeat. :)

GL in your search guys n dolls.

Jme aka Smuckers
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<3 u Smuckers <3
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You know you wanna be here!

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